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CNCC is proud to be the second event in Nova Scotia to offer IASF World’s bids.


There will be two partial paid bids and six at large if there are a minimum of
eight World's division teams registered in the World's divisions. If less than eight we will offer one partial paid and three at large.

Each partial paid bid is valued at $4000 CAD

Bids will be offered for all IASF World’s divisions.
Partial paid bids are not reserved for any particular division.

A minimum of ONE partial paid bid will be reserved for a “local” (Nova Scotia or New Brunswick) team in attendance.

Every team that wishes to be considered for a bid must also have a MINIMUM of 2 all-star competitive teams in attendance that ARE NOT competing for a bid.

1 team competing for bid= 2 additional all-star competitive teams
2 teams competing for bid= 4 additional all-star competitive teams

Please note

As always, crossovers are not permitted between two teams in the same division. A maximum of two crossovers will be permitted between teams competing for World’s bids in separate divisions (at Worlds no crossovers are permitted). It is recommended to use this option for emergency purposes only. Crossovers to other non-Worlds teams are not limited.

Athlete verification will occur for all teams competing for World’s bids at CNCC. Two pieces of ID one of which must be photo ID and one of which must show date of birth or a passport showing both will be required for each athlete. Athlete verification will need to be submitted via email formatted however you choose.

CNCC will follow the same substitution and alternate policies as IASF for all World’s bids.

Bids will be awarded based on final scores for the weekend and at the judge’s discretion. Bids will not be awarded solely by score since the comparison between divisions is not equal. Consideration will be given to teams who do well at CNCC and whom the judges feel will be most successful at Worlds.

As CNCC cannot control policies and regular regulations for USAF/ IASF world all World’s bid info is subject to change.

CNCC bids cannot be deferred therefor must be used the year they are awarded.

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