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Deadline November 15th 
Allstar $50/athlete
Worlds $95/athlete

Prep $25/athlete

Late Reg Pricing
Deadline December1st
Allstar $60/athlete
Worlds $105/athlete

Prep $35/athlete


It is the responsibility of all gyms to ensure they have proper insurance coverage at their locations.
All gyms are responsible for the safety of their athletes.

We will be using IASF and Cheer Canada divisions.
We will follow IASF guidelines for combining divisions as needed.
Cheerleaders must have event bracelet for entry to facility.
If club is a member of CNS, coaches must have CNS pass on to gain entry and access warm-up areas. Event passes will be issued for non-CNS members.

Qualified judges.
Score updates throughout the day.
All teams will do 1 run per day.
Awards ceremonies will take place in sessions.
Performance order and schedule will be emailed 2 weeks before the event.

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